“The Category of Necklaces is Reedy Monoidal”, with A. Mertens, Theory and Applications of Categories, 2024, Volume 41, 71 - 85.

We further the study of the interactions between Reedy and monoidal structures on a small category, building upon the work of Barwick.  In the second part, we study the category Nec of necklaces, as defined by Baues and Dugger-Spivak, showing that the category of A-valued presheaves on Nec is model monoidal when equipped with the Day convolution product, for any symmetric monoidal model category A.


“Deformation of Quasi-Categories in Modules”, with W. Lowen and A. Mertens, 2023, arXiv, submitted.

We initiate the deformation theory of templicial modules. In particular, we show that two important classes of templicial modules, quasi-categories in modules and deg-projective templicial modules, are preserved under levelwise flat infinitesimal deformation.