I am currently a PhD student under the supervision of Wendy Lowen and Arne Mertens at the University of Antwerp. I started my PhD in 2021, as part of the ERC Project “Foundations for Higher and Curved Noncommutative Geometry”.
Before that, I was a MSc student of Mathematics at the University of Lisbon - IST, where I wrote my thesis under the supervision of Gustavo Granja.

Research Interests

My main interests are Homotopy Theory and Deformation Theory. My PhD project focuses on developing models for linear oo-categories and study their homotopical and deformation properties, with an eye towards applications in Noncommutative Algebraic Geometry. More broadly, I am also into Homological Algebra, Category Theory, Higher Structures and TQFTs.
My daily arXiv briefing is: math.AT, math.CT and math.KT.

Next ... 

I will be participating in the Oberwolfach Worshop - Hochschild (Co)Homology and Applications from the 14th to the 19th of April.

I support calls for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza.    🍉